Female adjustable rigid chastity belt


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Female chastity belt with widely adjustable waist band and crotch band.
Sizing can be adjusted using little bolts and nuts (inaccessible when the belt is locked on). When you are satisfied with the sizing, it can be made permanent by using the rivets (supplied).
This belt has a secondary shield covering the vaginal slot, it can be removed separately to allow cleaning without taking off the belt.
The anal hole is large enough to allow toilet visits and anal sex, without taking off the belt, making this a perfect 24/7 chastity device. It will never have to come off!

With high security Burgw├Ąchter cylinder waist belt lock!!

For advice on measuring, sizing, female chastity training (getting used to wearing a belt in daily life) and more, please visit and email us. Custom measurement and sizing service available for Dutch customers!

As seen on www.chastitybabes.com.